Here a few words from some of my customers…



 ” I wasn’t keen on having a wedding video as I think they are often long, boring and unwatched. However, after seeing some of Andrew’s previous films he completely changed my mind and I am so glad we had a film of our wedding day rather than just still photographs. The video brought everything alive, moments which could never have been caught in the same way in a photo, with such wonderful energy throughout. More than that, Andrew seemed to capture some moments I’d have otherwise forgotten. Plus by watching the video I got to mingle with the guests in a way I simply couldn’t manage to on the day! He pulled all of this off without ever imposing on our day, a silent and discreet witness, who blended in and was an absolute pleasure to have there on the day – and to deal with before and after. There are so many costs involved in a wedding day that often a wedding video can be considered an expense that gets cut because of a tight budget. But it’s the best investment I made, every time we watch it back we are filled with cheek-aching joy – and that’s got to be a good way to relive the best and biggest day of your life. “

Caroline & Mark



 ”  I can’t thank you enough for giving us something so special. There are still plenty of tears all round, we absolutely love it! It was such a perfect day and we loved having you both there. So many people commented on how professional and polite you both were so we can’t thank you enough for that and for giving us such a special video to keep forever. “ 

Gemma & Ross



” You did such a tremendous job, and for the quality of your films, you could charge so much more. You guys put sooo much work into it, and we really appreciate what you’ve done. James thought it was amazing.  We cried all the way through, and honesty, when there was the transition to Kylie, we nearly fell off our chairs. Great idea, brilliantly executed. The film seems to have really captured James’ character perfectly, you’ve managed to pick out some great images from the day, and it’s so lovely to see so many people enjoying themselves. The different moods throughout the film work perfectly together, so we’ll done! I had every confidence you’d do something incredible, and you did. “

Jon and James



“ Our wedding day went by so fast as we enjoyed having our closest friends and family celebrating with us. There are key moments of the day that we couldn’t remember or missed out on which makes our wedding video the most special keepsake gift which we can look back over forever. We can’t help ourselves but re-watch it with glee. You and Russell were fantastic, we hardly saw you! And when we were filming together for the couple only moments, it felt more like having fun with some friends. You made us feel so relaxed and captured every special part of our day. The edited versions arrived quickly and every time we re-watch it we see something new which we didn’t notice or missed on the day. A huge thank you to both of you for making our beautiful wedding video which brings tears to even our friends with the hardest of hearts! It was the best decision we made towards our special day, thanks again!! ”

Fabienne and Jerome



“ They are such amazing photos! Thank you so much. You completely caught the day and I cannot explain how thrilled we are with the work you have done. Thank you for immortalising such a wonderful day in our lives in such a beautiful way! Excellent work, thank you. ”

Hannah and Tom

“ I just wanted to thank you for  the fantastic photos you took at Hannah and Tom’s wedding. You have captured the day perfectly and your attention to detail is astonishing. You were a pleasure to work with and seemed to manage to be everywhere all at once without being in the way at all. As the mother of the bride, it was great to know you were in control and taking the photos we wanted – thanks. ”

Hilary Lombard



“ We just wanted to write and say thank you SO much for creating the most amazing wedding video for us.  On the day, time seemed to fly by so quickly but somehow you managed to capture every special moment, despite us hardly noticing you were there!  You and Russell were so professional and discreet and allowed the day to flow naturally, which is exactly what we wanted.  You had some great ideas to make the video more personal and unique, and we really appreciated your suggestions.  You took the time to get to know a bit about us beforehand and this is reflected in the end result. The video is absolutely perfect and we wouldn’t change a single thing.  Everyone who watches it says how fabulous it is – especially my sister, who is going to snap you up for her wedding later this year! ”

Louise and Dave



” Occasionally, we re-watch our wedding video and it immediately takes us back to the most special day of our lives. I am convinced that had the film been produced by anyone else it wouldn’t have captured the details, the little moments, the smiles, the tears and of course the love that made the day so incredible. Andrew and Mark were a great team, I barely noticed they were there and yet, from the video, it’s quite clear they were everywhere.The editing was done in exceptional time. We now have a beautifully shot, thoughtful memento of our wedding day. We really can’t express our gratitude, apart from saying HAVE YOUR WEDDING FILMED BY ANDREW.”

Ria and Neema



” Thank you so much for our amazing wedding photos, we’re so pleased with them. Every one of them, from the group shots to the beautiful casual shots that captured so perfectly us and our guests enjoying the day. The wedding album that you created is something we will treasure forever and we love that the readings and parts of the speeches were included as a complete reminder of the day. Thank you so much. “

Eleanor and Simon



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